Club President Receives Amador

Using the letters in KIWANIS as an acronym, they say, “Kiwanis Is Where A Need Is Served.” That’s the philosophy our club president has used during his 2 years in office. He fulfills our need for a Servant Leader by placing the welfare of the club first and foremost, especially during the time of COVID-19.

We were one of the first clubs in our division to move to Zoom meetings for both guest speakers, the National Day of Prayer, the governor’s visit, and our committee of the whole board meetings. He supported moving to an online campaign for our Peanut Fundraiser, which netted almost the same amount we would have made with street sales. One reason this was possible is that he used his work facility to house, sort, and send out all the cases to the buyers.

In the area of community service, he devised an online diaper drive for our local infant pantry. Working with the director of the organization, a form was placed on our website where members of the community and the club, could order diapers and wipes and have them shipped directly to the pantry.

For those who wanted to be more hands-on, he offered the facilities of his workplace as a drop-off point and then personally delivered the items.

This fantastic individual also extends his volunteerism outside the club. As a member of the Healthy Lombard Initiative Board, he helps guide an organization whose mission is to address the epidemic of childhood obesity. One way this is done is by providing free activities for kids year-long. This individual has served as chair of its summer activity for the past 3 years and streamlined a cumbersome format to one that is easy to use and understand.

Community-wise, this individual also coordinated with Jewel/Osco, the first massive COVID-19 vaccination site in our community. Since then, he has repeated this effort three times.

All the above was done while in his day job, he served as Director of Recreation for our local Park District. A challenging job at any time, but with COVID-19 changing the parameters of who could participate, and what could be offered, weekly, and still managed to move our club forward and increased our membership for positive growth for the past 2 years.

This is why our club felt that Joe McCann is definitely deserving of the honor of an Amador Medal.

Pandemic Did Not Stop GBG!

COVID-19 put a stop to many Kiwanis Service Projects. But the need to provide a fun and exciting tool to improve the mobility and quality of life for kids with Spina Bifida could not be stopped. The Go Baby Go Project enlists funds and volunteers to assemble motorized cars that fit its owner’s unique health needs.

Spina bifida occurs when the bones of the spine don’t form correctly around part of an infant’s spinal cord. As these babies grow, some experience difficulties with mobility, and for them, navigating the world is not always an easy task. To get around, some require a brace; others must rely on a wheelchair or an adult to carry them.

This past summer, COVID-19 prevented an in-person gathering of those volunteers. Instead, the organizers developed a “work-around.” They sent the components to members, and they returned them assembled and ready for combination into a trendy new mode of transportation for these special kids.

The cars allow the children with the affliction to engage on the same level as other kids, improving their socialization. When they drive on the playground in their cars, they become the “cool kids on the block.

Matt Larsen, Executive Director of the Illinois Spina Bifida Association’s Go Baby Go team, shared these photos from the June deliveries of cars #60 and #61 to Finn from Beverly in Chicago and Joy from Missouri.     

He added, “I’m thankful to celebrate Independence Day through the independence that you all help make possible for these children.  Thank you!” 

Our First Hybrid Meeting

Now that the pandemic is starting to be controlled, our club decided to try someone new. Instead of everyone attending on Zoom, we did a Hybrid meeting combining in-person with Zoom. And, we even had a guest speaker! It is so nice that our club strives to have meetings that work for everyone!

Thank You Note for a donation of Hospital Dolls.

Today, May 6, 2021, we celebrated the National Day of Prayer 2021 on Zoom with the Villa Park Club. Their member Tom Sandors was the main presenter and did an excellent job. We were also fortunate to have our Division 9 Lt. Governor Tim Clark as well as a representative from the Glendale Heights club.

On Thursday, January 21, the 106th Birthday of Kiwanis International, members of  Illinois-Eastern Iowa’s Division 9 (DuPage) participated in Governor Mark Petersen’s official  visit by Zoom.   Sponsored by the Kiwanis Club of Lombard, members from the clubs in Addison, Central DuPage, Elmhurst, Glendale Heights, Glen Ellyn, Lisle, and Villa Park had the opportunity to meet Governor Mark, participate in the induction of a new Kiwanian, Tod Altenburg, and listen to a presentation focusing on Membership, Sponsored Leadership Programs (SLPs) and the Illinois-Eastern Iowa Foundation known as the Kiwanis Neonatal Research Foundation (KNRF).

To celebrate Governor’s Mark’s visit, the clubs of Division 9 are making donations to both KNRF and the Kiwanis International Children’s fund in his name.

This was Governor’s Mark’s first Zoom visit in the I-I District.  However, he has scheduled 10 more throughout the district in the coming months.

We received this wonderful Thank You note for the flowers we donated to seniors at Christmas. They were delivered through Meals on Wheels.

Holiday Greetings from our Fantastic Key Clubbers

Our Glenbard East Key Club Members put this video together to share with folks in local Senior Centers like Lextington Square of Lombard and Beacon Hill. What a beautiful, thoughtful, idea.

Welcome New Key Club Advisor

Glenbard East has a new Key Club adviser, Beth McNett.

Beth shared a little about herself:

Well, I have lived in Lombard for 22 years in what was my grandmother’s old house.  She and my grandfather were the original owners.  My grandmother was a member of the Lombard Historical Society.   

I have 2 daughters – one in college and one college graduate.  I have volunteered to help out wherever my kids were.  I was librarian at the Co-op Preschool, cookie mom for the Girl Scouts, Co-President for Lombard School District 44’s Music Parents Association, and uniform chair for the Glenbard East Music Department.  I loved it, and I still miss it.  We homeschooled, and my daughters went to school for music and science.  

I am a certified English teacher.  My current job at East is Advanced Placement (AP) study center supervisor.  I run a study center for AP students, monitor their grades, and reach out to struggling students.  Over the summers, I am an instructor at a high-ropes/zipline course in the Cook County Forest Preserve.  I love to be outside!  

I first heard about Key Club when my daughters and I were helping with Prairie Path clean-up and met some Key Club members.  I was impressed with their motivation and energy.  I look forward to being a part of the Key Club.

The Kiwanis Club of Lombard is excited to be working with Beth and all our 2020-2021 Key Clubbers!

LTG Notes from 10/10/20

As you may already know, Kiwanis International Board and Illinois-Eastern Iowa Executive Committee recently voted to extend a waiver on new member fees until December 31, 2020. I have attached the announcement for your information. Also attached is a fillable new member application form in case you have not seen this updated version. 

As the Peanut Day effort winds down for this year Terry Lynn is no longer accepting orders for fewer than 25 cases (4 boxes to a case). If your Club has extra cases that you want to sell to local clubs in need, let me know how many and I will pass this information along.

I would like to attend your meetings and get to know more about your club activities. Please let me know the dates and times you would like me to attend, and I will schedule on my calendar.

Our next scheduled Division 9 Council meeting will be a virtual Zoom meeting on November 14th, opening at 9:00 AM for social time and call to order at 9:30 AM.  I will forward the agenda with meeting access information during the week of the meeting.

If anyone would like any help with educational resources or if you have any questions, please call or email me anytime. Here is a link that I find useful when looking for education resources from our District and Kiwanis International

Thank you everyone, I look forward to attending your upcoming meetings.

Tim Clark

Division 9 Lt. Governor

(312) 476-0200 Mobile


Kiwanis International shared that World Mental Health Day is Saturday, October 10. Here are 10 ways you can help people keep their minds active and healthy:

  1. Happiness comes from helping others — it’s scientifically proven! — so perform a small, random act of kindness for a neighbor or friend.
  2. Ask school counselors how your club can help students cope during the pandemic.
  3. Know a child who is missing out on milestone events? Check out these tips to help ease their blues.
  4. Provide students with age-appropriate books to help them escape into fantastic, fun worlds.
  5. Create and distribute “family night” kits with activities and games children can enjoy with their parents and guardians.
  6. Drop off gift cards for coffee or treats for teachers. Or purchase teachers’ most-needed supplies from the Kiwanis Warehouse.
  7. Team up with Key Club and CKI members to host a cyberbullying prevention workshop.
  8. Use these resources from our partner, Reading is Fundamental, to teach young kids how to navigate their emotions during frustrating or difficult times.
  9. Watch our “Mental Health Q&A” Lunch with a Leader webcast.
  10. Don’t forget about yourself! Here are six ways to keep your mind healthy.

Welcome Our Newest Future Member

We are so happy to announce that Iris has given birth to a beautiful baby girl. Her name is Adelaide. Both Mom, Dad, and Baby are doing well.

Thank you from Loloya